Draugė iš Magdeburgo  miesto ,  Vokietijoje , nemažai laiko pragyvenus Lietuvoje , spėjus pamatyti ir kartu prisidėti prie mūsų mažos scenos puoselėjimo kviečia visus norinčius atvykti bei prisidėti prie jos ir būrio draugų gyvenamo namo stogo taisymo darbų.
Neviniojant į vatą  jos atsiųstas kvietimas:

bauwoche 001
Who was not there, can not complain – Construction week in
Magdeburg/Germany:September 15 – open end
Our little house in Magdeburg, in Germany celebrated its fifth
anniversary this year. From the beginning, structural engineer
said that the roof would not last long. And now in its fifth year,
the time has come, that we have got the money somehow and want to dare.
On 15 September our Construction Week starts. With scaffolding,
personnel and tool we would like to pull the whole until it is finished.
Now you are asked. We need all the help! After all, we are working
on the roof, which means that everything must first building material
upward, and that what garbage is titled must. A cooking crew so that we
can work further faster. If you feel like bring your instruments, but we
have as well some here thought the time after work can be used for
jam sessions in our rehearsal room! A lake is really close to the house.
All in all, we have everything here to provide you for wonderful days
and weeks.Sleeping bags, bedding and food are provided to you.
On the weekend we want to organize bands and DJs that will sweeten us
musically some free time.
So, stuff packed, do not forget good shoes and here we go with you to
If you have any questions contact me!



(the page is barely in english but i am working on it)

Li­ber­tä­res Zen­trum Magdeburg

Alt Salbke 144

39122 Magdeburg
My email :FineFlavour@gmx.net
Travel hints: Simple Express runs twice a day to Berlin for 35 euros.
And from there it can be easy to hitchhike.
Or you draw the track complete by hitchhiking.
Enjoy !!!Fynute