There is a very cool DIY venue called XI 20 where underground music events happen mostly. From punk to vanguard jazz, hardcore to noise. All events are written on the left side of this webpage. Worth to visit. We try to avoid publishing the exact address, but don’t worry — it’s easy to find by asking local upstarts/punks/scruffies/even hipsters where is the driskių skylė ( ragamuffin slum ) or just skylė and most of them should give you directions.
FOR BANDS: if you wanna play at XI 20 please contact  1120 (a)

Sure, here we have a punk label called Pasidaryk pats records. They do label work (merchandise/dealing/release/booking).


Things are happening there, recently. Youngsters has a place called PUNKTAS. They do shows there.


try to contact: daugiauniekada (a) . Crust/grind mostly.


There is a Fenix bar in Alytus. The venue is alternative enough for hardcore/punk gigs.

Other cities

Everything is kind of dead. There is POGO baras in Šiauliai too, but unfortunately it seems that they book just lithuanian pseudoalternative pop bands. After all you could try to contact them via email pogo.siauliai(a)

Thats all folks! And sorry for my broken Engrish.

PS. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us


last update: september 2014