Welcome to LMP alternative music project!
LMP is an abbreviation of three Lithuanian words: Lipnus Macharadzos Pirstai.
In English it is Sticky Maharaja's Fingers, and it doesn't mean anything.

The Band
2000.09.26 The new album "Saule Degina Man Galva" (Sun Is Burning My Head) will be released only in the winter. No time now :). For now you can get the old one at "Zarraza" shop in Vilnius, Pylimo str. 44.
2000.09.25 Finally we moved from Geocities to Vilnius Hardcore site. No annoying ads anymore.
2000.09.20 The concert was perfect. It's on the top of our ranking along with the ones in Anyksciai and Riga ages ago. Thank you all who were there and best wishes to Green Sun Club - they were great.
Now you can download all the songs we got on mp3's from www.hardcore.lt/lmp/mp3/. Have fun!
2000.09.11 Here we are - back on stage again. Saturday, September 16 live at the Green Club.
News/Old (Really old)


The Band

There are three of us:
Margo - bass guitar
Edvo Kristabelly - drums and vocal
Vaido - guitar and vocal

The project started in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1995 and our first pieces were rough punk rock. Later we tried to change our style to something different and new for local crowd... So we became the first band to play reggae in this country. Now our style is reggae mixed with jazz, ska, rumba, punk rock, etc. and etc... Reggae is alternative music in Lithuania, so we are not even the local stars and we don't try to become ones. We have some friends that listen to us and their number is increasing day to day. Today we have over 100 pieces and two thirds of them are recorded on tape. We released (depends what you call released - the first two are nearly impossible to get for anybody, ask our friends, they might have them..) four albums.
For last two years we play sporadically. It's just because we like to travel here and there and one or another member of the band is allways away somewhere in the world. The rest of us then play with the other bands or make some project or something. We played in "Dele Bejus", "Vonia", "Zima" and "SC".



1996 "Nepradeta" - the first album. 34 songs.
1996 "Ziodai" - the second album. 20 songs.
1996 "Radija ijunge" - 2 songs in the alternative music compilation.
1997 "Vel Viskas Jai" - the third album. 12songs.
1997 "Propaganda" - 2 songs in the alternative music compilation.
1997 "Katarina" - the single. 2 songs.
1998/1999 "Molines Sraiges Ivaizdis" - at last it's done.
1999/2000 "?" - no vocals yet on this record, for almost a year already, because of the obvious reasons mentioned above.




From "Molines Sraiges Ivaizdis", ra, 56kbps:
Kareiviai nenori kariauti
Kad nematytu
Daina apie suni
Mane apvoge
Mano mylimoji
Skamba skamba
Taip mes dabar gyvenam
From "Vel Viskas Jai", mp3:
As sakau ne, o ji sako taip
From single "Katarina", mp3:

If you're in Lithuania or nearby, now you can download all the songs we got on mp3's from www.hardcore.lt/lmp/mp3/. or try the username "lmp" pass "lmp1".



2000.07.21 In a month or so Vaidotas is coming back to Lithuania for couple of months, so we hope there's gonna be at least couple of concerts by the end of the summer..
2000.03.17 Updated Sounds section. You may listen to some of the songs from "Molines Sraiges Ivaizdis" that you can order on tape here.
September '99 After the Latvian tour in August we have just finished our '98 album "Molines Sraiges Ivaizdis" (Image Of The Snail Made Of Clay) and recorded the '99 album whitch still has no name. Since September we're making a brake 'cause the guitarist has left to the Germany to study. The next possible time to hear us live may be in March '2000 or maybe only in July. Edvo is now experimenting new bass sounds with the violin player Jurga and a drummer Radza in "Vonia" project and playing drums with SC, Margo hired a band "Zima" for not to get completely bored :), so the life didn't stop yet.
Ask Edvo for our new album or buy it at "Zarraza" studio in Vilnius, Pylimo str. 44.
August '99 Latvian tour with Voiceks Voiska:
August 13, 1999 Riga, irish pub "Tim McShanes",
August 17, 1999 Liepaja, club "Pablo",
August 20, 1999 Jelgava, club "Tonuss",
August 21, 1999 Jelgava, open air festival "Mees Tornim".
We had a really good time there, thanks to Uldis, Uldis, Uldis, Jurelis and Chornyjs!


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